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Monica Gragg

Co-Founder, Media & Research


I live a life with no bucket list. I’ve traveled to nearly a hundred different countries and territories lived in seven countries and picked up bits and pieces of different languages along the way. Education made it possible.

My first overseas trip was to Spain for an intensive Spanish course one summer in college. As soon as I could see the countryside of Spain from the plane, I was terrified and wanted to go back to the US immediately.  After we landed, I had to navigate my way with basic Spanish to my señora's (house mom) home.  Once I made it to her doorstep, she greeted me with two kisses (as Spaniards do) and a beautiful meal.  I immediately fell in love with the uncertainty and adventure of travel. 

My education continued to create exciting opportunities. I worked on cruise ships, did my Masters in Switzerland and was an educator and project manager at universities in China, Japan, and Australia.  Without a degree or that first exposure to the world outside of the US, none of this would have been possible.  Now it’s my turn to support the educational goals of others.  

Monica Gragg: About Us
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