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Mavis Gragg

Co-Founder, Donor Relations & Fundraising

Hey, everyone!

I am a wanderlust justice girl who prioritizes a trip to an undiscovered destination over a fancy car or super cable service. I knew at the age of six I would become a lawyer. Our Daddy promised me a corvette if I graduated from law school. So, my destiny was set.

My first step was going to my dream college, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there, I was determined to become an "international lawyer" because I saw that as a means of seeing places outside the U.S. My sophomore year I discovered both a travel abroad fellowship and an international conflict resolution program in this place called The Hague. I applied for both and headed across the pond to the Netherlands. In this city known as the home of international peace and justice, I was enamored by everything from the diplomats seeking world peace to the different ways of life in this small, but diverse country. I returned to North Carolina knowing two important things:

I preferred helping people solve their problems rather than countries and that I would travel the world for the rest of my life.

Through hard work and the loving support of our parents I earned my law degree, Masters in Dispute Resolution, and a Honda Accord (no corvette). I went on to become a mediator and attorney, working with a variety of organizations including non-profits, law firms, and eCommerce firms. 

One constant in my life is my passion for travel and for education. It's an honor to be a part of the Gragg Family Fund to share this passion with you.

Mavis Gragg: About Us
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