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We support the Gragg Family Fund because we, like my brother and sister-in-law value education and learning and understand how important it is to support a student’s aspiration to get a college education.  

It’s an added bonus for students to have an opportunity to travel and study abroad; this will hopefully give them a global perspective on the world in which they are preparing to live and work."

Aunt Paulette

"I support the Gragg Family Fund for many reasons.  I can’t remember a time that Butch and Kathy Gragg weren’t a part of my life.  

Kathy was my Girl Scout Leader, my personal cheerleader and my nurse when my clumsiness got the best of me.  

Butch was chauffeur, handyman and Kathy’s right-hand man during cookie selling time.  They taught our little troop of Girl Scouts that love sees no color, to make new friends but keep the old, to have a dream and to go for it."

Angie Murphy

I support the Gragg Family Fund with gratitude for my past and excitement for the future. Gratitude for the wonderful memories of my domestic and international travels, and excitement for future generations who will have the opportunity to explore the world through their own travels.  

I think it is wonderful the Gragg Family Fund enables people to explore the world. I can’t think of a better way to honor Butch and Kathy Gragg whose support of their children’s education and their love for travel."

Beth Burchette

Our Donors: Testimonials

Alexis Sockwell
Amy Kim
Andrea Carter
Angie Murphy
Andrew and Jabrina Robinson
Anitra Royster
Anna Oleary
Arjen Van der Loo
Ashley Heath Capel
Beth Burchette
Carrie Atcheson
Carver Alumni Reunion
Chandra Taylor
Crystal Bullard
Crystal Lowery

Our Donors: Who We Are

Danielle Irving & David Riedy
David Robinson
Gala Britt
Heather & Jason Tuttle
Jackie Hallum
Jane Bolin
Jessica Hutwelker
Joann Ylitalo
Joy Vidal
Jordan Hayles
Katerena Depasquale
Kenisha Johnson
Kendra O'Neal
Kenya Davis
LaTanya Anderson
Leslee Moorehead

Our Donors: Who We Are

Matthew Davis
Mavis Gragg
Monica Gragg
Michanna Murphy
Micheal & Connie Gragg
Michelle F. Hooper
Michelle Joan Wilkinson
Nadezhda St.
Okezi Otovo
Paulette Brownlee & Chuck Washington
Renee Best
Sandy Sweitzer
Sarah Bradley
Sh'nee Ross

Our Donors: Who We Are

Shalanda Jaliwa-Miller
Shanta Smith
Tammy Wagner
Tanya Anderson Woodward
Tiana Robinson Pitts
Torrey Littlejohn
Udanda Clark
Valerie Johnson
Valerie Purvis
Veronica Cope
Whitney Stanley

Our Donors: Who We Are
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